Scrumic Inc, offers simple yet dynamic business models, which are designed to congregate your specific requirements. You can opt for any of these business models or a combination of them depending on your IT Infrastructure needs.

  • Time and Material Model
  • SLA Driven Model
  • Dedicated Services Facility Model

These models can easily be applied to our Delivery Model and to our wide range of services in innovative ways so that you get the best value-for-money offering.


Time & Material Model

In this model, Scrumic Inc, bill the customer on a monthly basis for the number of human resources deployed. This cost is based on the skills; equipment and Infrastructure deployed and is evaluated by analyzing your projected requirements. This model offers you the flexibility to vary the size of your team depending on your projected workloads. This model is ideal for on-site services where a high level of human intervention is needed.

SLA Driven Model

This option works best when the scope and specifications for the projects are reasonably clear and well defined. The boundaries are specified and Scrumic Inc, is responsible for the complete project management as well as the SLA. Scrumic Inc, has developed a process-driven delivery methodology, which ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects, as well as assures timely delivery of services within the budget. This model blends the best practices with optimum resources at the right cost structures.

Dedicated Server Facility Model

This model has been evolved keeping in mind long-term customer requirements, which translate into long-term cost benefits for you. This model also ensures consistent resource planning. This model is ideal for Remote Management Services which need a longer commitment, assured security and business continuity.