Business Challenges

Short listing the most suitable technology to meet business needs can be a very time-consuming process. Environmental goals, business agility, total cost of ownership and user productivity can be impacted by IT procurement and lifecycle management decisions. Choosing and procuring the right technology is just the beginning of the IT supply chain challenge. Organizations also need to ensure effective asset management, configuration, deployment and disposal while setting up the technology standards and maintaining continuity with supply. To avoid any disruption in supply chain, organizations are now looking a reliable IT services and solutions provider which completely meet their lifecycle and logistics needs.

Our Solution

Scrumic Inc, Consulting can support with starting from product introduction, selection, migration & maintenance up till providing advance notification of product transitions so that you can make decisions ahead of time and plan to accommodate changes. Also at the time of product retirement, we can assist with our Disposition services where we remove & dispose off the unwanted assets, leveraging any residual value and ensuring environmentally compliant disposal.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in Cost: With high ROI and minimized TCO, simplified IT procurement reduces the administrative overhead and associated cost. Also recycling and redeployment schemes for redundant technology assets trim down operational cost.
  • Risk avoidance: By selecting the right technology for your organization and ensuring rapid access to new assets, there will be less risk of business disruption.
  • Environmental goals: Scrumic Inc, will help you minimize the environmental impact of both new and existing IT assets. This will enable your organization to meet internal green objectives and regulatory requirements.

Key Services We Provide.


Disposition Services

With our customer focused service offerings, we understands the impact end-of-life IT disposal can have on a business and its agility. In a world where a focus on security and “being green” has become responsibility, there has never been a more prominent need for a true IT service provider focused on the proper disposition of an organization’s sensitive e-waste.

Install Services

Scrumic Inc, Installation services primary focus is to deploy IT infrastructure including servers, desktop and mobile devices, storage, networking, and software without disrupting the business continuity. We always keep in mind that our customer's can achieve high performance; moment after new installation is operational.

Maintenance Services

Scrumic Inc, IT maintenance service will ensure efficient performance of computers, servers, printers and other software and hardware. Our services are of current interest to every business seeking for optimal costs in IT maintenance which maximizes the ROI.

Migration Services

Scrumic Inc, proven track record & expertise in migration services will help our customers across domains, in transitioning to newer technologies and enable them to cater to the growing needs of their business. Our teams of experts assess the requirements before drawing up a most suitable migration solution with minimal or No impact on business.