We offer a flexible portfolio to improve your IT infrastructure management. Along with offering basic infrastructure management services, we design, procure, implement, manage and support a wide range of infrastructure solutions to help you gain more on your investment, in both people and technology. Our technical consultants are dedicated, proactive, and work closely with you to get a good understanding of your infrastructure environment, in order to give you only the best service, and the optimal infrastructure.


Service Desk

Our service desk / help desk services provides a reliable, flexible connection between the end users and our business enablement providing high availability by for consistent technical support wherever and whenever it is needed seeking guaranteed service levels.Our premier service desk / help desk center delivers world-class service to a broadly diverse end-user community. We maintain and track user satisfaction while taking ownership of incidents until they are resolved.

Workplace Management

We support for your entire workplace environment including all platforms, devices and end user experience. Our IT support services can help you improve end user productivity and satisfaction by ensuring that employees have access to the applications and information they need. And with an efficient end user services program in place, your IT professionals will be free to focus on larger business goals.

Data Center Management

The current economic climate poses significant challenges for many mid-market companies. In order to survive and thrive despite these challenges, mid-market organizations are looking to cut costs, increase flexibility into their delivery models and focus on their core businesses.One way they’re looking to achieve this is through outsourcing their data center which helps in substantial cost saving and greater business agility while making their IT infrastructure more flexible.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our cloud services are specifically designed to meet the data integration needs of line-of-business users. Scrumic Inc, helps organizations to drive customer service by leveraging the power and agility of cloud computing.Our consultants have a deep understanding of cloud technologies and its various manifestations. We help you manage public, private and hybrid cloud services.