Consultation & Feasibility

Independent, objective assessments can ensure you achieve maximum business value from your SAP investment. Whether you want to evaluate project costs, identify key performance issues or determine your SAP readiness, Scrumic Inc, independent assessment services strengthen and guide your SAP initiatives, helping you navigate common issues for greater success.

Draw on Scrumic Inc, SAP Subject Matter Experts to effectively evaluate process improvements for the optimal use of technology. Access the critical information you need to make more effective decisions. The unique value-driven approach of Scrumic Inc, SAP Assessment solutions enables you to make skilled decisions to fully leverage your SAP solutions. Our SAP Subject Matter Experts use proven methodologies to identify the required investment and quantify ROI prior to initiation, for a project’s maximum benefit.

Nothing can make as big a difference in project success as having the right people managing the project. SAP initiatives proceed more smoothly and are more likely to launch on time and on budget when they are led by project managers who possess strong SAP project management skills and experience.

Scrumic Inc, Project Management Services give your SAP projects the right technical direction and strategic vision. Project planning and preparation help you sail smoothly through project realization phases. Thorough documentation makes knowledge transfer to your team easier and builds confidence among end users. Effective communication throughout allows stakeholders to be involved at their optimal level for contribution and training. Our project management team is well qualified and certified to lead your projects to desired results.

Scrumic Inc, technical and business area consultants can help you effectively map your company’s business processes to SAP best practices. Working closely with your team, we’ll design and implement a stable, secure and available SAP architecture and provide expert administration to manage it. Our team includes consultants who specialize in each of the major SAP modules, as well as veteran ABAP programmers and Basis administrators who can bring unparalleled skills to your technical challenges.

We can adapt or implement all aspects of the SAP Business Suite, providing the following services:

      • SAP functional and technical consulting.
      • Project management
      • Project team training
      • Developing and supporting a Center of Excellence (CoE)

Scrumic Inc, consulting services support the following SAP business solution areas and applications:

      • Financials (FSCM)
      • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
      • Human Resources (HCM)
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Business Intelligence (BI)
      • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
      • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
      • Industry-specific solutions

SAP technology is fast changing. NetWeaver will serve as the foundation for Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), making it the link between all future SAP solutions. That means enterprises must develop a strategy for leveraging and deploying NetWeaver right now.

NetWeaver is an open integration and application platform that can adapt to your existing IT infrastructure and allow you to more effectively align people, information and processes. NetWeaver makes your IT infrastructure more adaptable to business change. And change happens fast.

Scrumic Inc, can put NetWeaver to work for you. Scrumic Inc, helps design and implement NetWeaver solutions for your organization using NetWeaver’s key components. The benefits of these solutions are significant and include being able to quickly adapt business requirements into real solutions and reduce the TCO of your IT infrastructure.

  • SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) – gives users a “single view” of disparate data that spans the entire enterprise, offering convenient, single sign-on for multiple systems.
  • SAP Business Intelligence (BI) – improves your ability to create and control data warehouses, offering key decision-makers deep, highly customizable reporting on critical business metrics.
  • Exchange Infrastructure (XI) – an interface layer that enables seamless communication between internal and external SAP and third party systems, maximizing overall ROI in your SAP environment.
  • Master Data Management (MDM) – the information integration layer of NetWeaver, MDM helps you evaluate the inefficiencies in your current data management structure and define improvements.

Your business can achieve maximum value from Enhancements when you have access to the right information and strategies. Scrumic Inc, value-driven SAP Enhancement Services can provide the detailed perspective to demonstrate potential benefits and the resources required for optimal results from SAP Enhancements. Whether considering an upgrade or enhancement solution, decision makers leverage our Value-Driven SAP Enhancement Services to:

  • Define the capabilities to deliver a specific strategic advantage
  • Formulate the optimal enhancement strategy
  • Quantify ROI on upgrades and enhancements
  • Assist your organization in realizing key objectives

We’ve been a top provider of experienced ABAP development resources since inception, helping our customers across the region meet their development goals. Scrumic Inc, ABAP developers possess strong technical and analytical skills. Our ABAP developers engineer complex application components and integrate software packages, programs and reusable objects residing on multiple platforms for SAP business process areas. We will develop innovative solutions to meet your company’s needs, never settling for the easiest solution if it’s not the best solution. Scrumic Inc, ABAP developers average 6+ years of SAP development experience.


Implementations & Template Based Roll-Outs

Scrumic Inc, SAP Implementation Services leverage the knowledge of its veteran SAP SME’s, proven methodologies, and industry best practices to help you meet your business and technical requirements

Our approach includes all the key phases of an SAP Implementation including due diligence, system design and installation, development of enhancements customized to your business, conversions, migrations, and interfaces, as well as data conversion, security, and enterprise release strategies.

Our template based implementation and roll-out capability provides our customers with a proven road-map to address complexities arising out of differences in business processes across locations, units and geographies. This approach enables a clearly defined and efficient process for roll-out of solutions and utilizes native SAP product capabilities. This approach also encapsulates complexities in the design phase, hence requiring a highly evolved skill-set from the solution architects and abstracts the complexities from the resources involved during roll-out and subsequent maintenance. This equips our customers with replicable process to manage future expansion of their solution footprint.

Our SAP implementation services include:

      • SAP Due diligence & Design
      • SAP Installations
      • SAP Enterprise Release Strategies
      • SAP Security
      • SAP Technical Migration
      • SAP ABAP
      • SAP Networking Solutions

SAP Upgrades


Modernization of SAP investment through implementation of new SAP releases requires comprehensive analysis of business and technical factors. We recognize that customers wanting to upgrade are often not sure about the total cost of upgrading their SAP system or how much their internal IT staff will need to be augmented
Scrumic Inc, SAP Upgrade Services are designed to assist your organization with the many difficult decisions encountered. Our approach considers all of the critical elements that can determine how your organization will be impacted and the corresponding contribution to your ROI.

You can rely on our experienced SAP Subject Matter Experts to assist you by evaluating your IT infrastructure and applying proven methodologies to your upgrade strategy. Your organization benefits with inclusion of key success factors such as detailed cost and ROI analysis, risk mitigation strategies, release strategies, as well as full knowledge transfer, training, and documentation.

      • SAP Upgrade Assessment Services
      • SAP Upgrade Services – technical & functional

SAP Support

Extending SAP maintenance and support is a critical component of the customer life cycle management. As a part of our post implementation services, Scrumic Inc, offers support and maintenance to customers using the best tools and methodologies, which helps customers get maximum return on their ever-growing business critical applications. By managing service level agreements for our customers, our consultants take a proactive approach to software support and maintenance by focusing on long-term functionality, stability, and preventive maintenance to avoid problems that typically arise from incomplete or short-term solutions. This approach, coupled with our robust service delivery mechanism with a highly optimized onsite-offshore mix, allow our customers to continually reduce recurring maintenance costs.

Scrumic Inc, enables you to manage and constantly improve SAP based application landscape, thus helping you maximize return from your IT investment and minimize your total cost of ownership (TCO).

SAP Mobile

The era of mobility is here to stay – The trend of using mobile end user devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android devices is becoming more and more apparent. What does that mean to businesses today? How can we bring SAP data or IT processes to these smart devises securely and easily? The answer is: If you are not implementing an SAP mobile strategy as part of your IT plans, then soon your business is likely to lag the competition. Scrumic Inc, provides a holistic approach to SAP mobile computing by offering strategic consulting, mobile application production, as well as hardware and software for superior performance while keeping costs low. Scrumic Inc, SAP mobile services include:

      • SAP Mobile Strategy Roadmap
      • Package Mobile Solutions

SAP Mobile Strategy Roadmap

The mobile world opens endless opportunities. Businesses can grow market share, create new revenue streams, build customer intimacy, and increase profit margins by delivering secure, seamless, context-aware experiences in a connected world. There are also unique challenges related to security, privacy, speed to market, and the increased costs that come with choice of supporting multiple platforms. Often systems may not be flexible and efficient enough to handle this change. And data that’s captured and stored everywhere is probably not being processed efficiently or securely and converted into the useful information that your company needs to maintain its competitive edge. A well defined and agreed mobile strategy is the best path to avoid the many pitfalls of an un-governed roadmap and rollout of mobile point-solutions, such as duplicated infrastructure efforts, high support cost and users carrying multiple devices. Often, clients do not know where to start and are struggling to prioritize their mobile needs. Scrumic Inc, SAP mobile strategy workshop helps clients develop and end-to-end mobile strategy – one that unwires the clients enterprise for today and establishes a solid foundation for the future of mobility comprehensively addressing all the four C’s of mobility – Create, Connect, Control and Consume.


      • An E2E mobility strategy
      • Mobility roadmap, prioritization and roll out of solutions
      • Integrate mobility and enterprise systems
      • Manage security for devises and applications
      • Establish a strong mobility foundation
      • Transform to a mobile computing organization

Package Mobile Solutions

Once the mobile strategy roadmap has been defined, a more detailed understanding of the optimum solution and how it needs to be implemented is arrived. In many cases this can be challenging, as there is often a wide choice of options available. Scrumic Inc, provides SAP based leading enterprise mobility solutions to help organizations identify, customize and implement their optimum mobile solution. Some of these solutions include:

      • Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
      • Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite.
      • Syclo SMART Work Manager for SAP Systems.
      • Syclo SMART Service Manager for SAP Systems.
      • Syclo SMART Inventory Manager for SAP Systems.
      • Syclo Rounds for SAP Systems.


      • Tailored mobile solution to address our clients specific business needs
      • Implement and extend a range of business processes specific packaged solutions

SAP Hana

To sustain and run a successful business in today’s globalized world, organizations need to react faster to dynamic market conditions. Critical insights from real-time operational data will help organizations to understand the market better and take decisions faster. However, organizations are struggling to process their massive volume of operational data. And the obvious disconnect between operational data and analytics environment is forcing organizations to take decisions based on assumptions.

SAP HANA enables organizations to analyze their huge volume of operational data on the fly and in real-time thus enabling rapid decision making process and predict their business operations better. SAP HANA allows organizations to analyze data real-time virtually from any data source. Scrumic Inc, offers SAP HANA services to help organizations arrive at critical insights from real-time data and enable them to take critical decisions faster than their competition.

SAP HANA Capabilities

      • Direct access to operational data without any impact to existing systems
      • Structured workflows covering the entire process from data gathering till analytics display
      • Ability to extract data even from non-SAP applications for analysis
      • Simple and user-friendly web-based modeling environment
      • Standard interfaces to connect to existing applications and systems

Business Benefits

    • Analyze large volume of data in a very short time
    • Gain business insights with access to real-time data
    • Accurate business panning and forecasting
    • Make informed decisions with deep dive analysis on data
    • Improved business efficiency